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Freiburg is the gateway to the southern Black Forest and a center of wine-growing and the arts. Some of the more notable sights include the vineyards on the slopes of Mount Kaiserstuhl, Freiburg's famous cathedral, the unique brooks running through the streets of the Old Town in open channels decorated with Rhine pebble mosaics - and the wild, romantic landscape of the Höllental valley just outside the city. Other sights of interest include: cathedral with the "most beautiful spire in Christen-dom"; Historical Kaufhaus (former customs and trade building); Wentzingerhaus (now home of the City History Museum); Old and New Town Halls; St. Martin's Gate; Schwabentor Gate; Gerberbau ("Tanner's Building", old guilds quarter); Fischerau quarter and Gewerbe Canal; Gerichtslaube (Freiburg's oldest Town Hall); and Haus Zum Walfisch (magnificent doorway).




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