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Karlsruhe, the vivacious metropolis on the Rhine, is rich in culture and excellent, unusual museums. The star-shaped arrangement of roads fanning out from Baroque Schloss, the lovely Schlossgarten park and Botanical Gardens, the Stadtgarten Park and Zoo and the many other pleasant parks and boulevards are all an open invitation for relaxed strolling and shopping. Festivals and other arts events provide entertainment and diversion. Schloss is a magnificent Baroque palace of the city’s founder Margrave Karl-Wilhelm, with Schlossgarten park and Baden State Museum modelled on Versailles. Marktplatz Square is the setting for the classicist ensemble of the Town Hall, Stadtkirche church, and a striking pyramid designed by Friedrich Weinbrenner. Stadtgarten/Zoo is a large public park in the city center. Ludwigsplatz Square is the city's meeting place with many pleasant cafés and restaurants. Turmberg is the "city mountain” with an ascent on Germany’s oldest funicular railway. Majolika is a porcelain factory and museum.




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