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Riedenburg is in the heart of Bavaria and has a magnificent landscape created over millions of years. Rabenstein and Tachenstein, two fortresses, sit in ruins, but Rosenburg Castle, Riedenburg‘s best known building, is full of life and houses the Museum of Falconry. There are two other castles - Eggersberg Castle, now an exclusive hotel and restaurant combined with fascinating County Museum, and Prunn Castle, which is famous as the epitome of a medieval knight‘s castle. Riedenburg, which streches on both banks of the Altmühl, can be called “Pearl of the Lower Altmühl Valley“. Visit Crystal Museum in Riedenburg with the world‘s largest rock crystal cluster. Museum of sound at Riedenburg presents a unique display of music reproduction appliances. Visit Farm Museum in Echendorf and Hammer Mill in Hexenagger. The typical Jura valley of the Schambach has a beautiful little river that flows into the Altmühl. Explore this valley on foot or by bicycle. Fish or take a trip on an elegant excursion boat to discover the impressive beauty of the picturesque landscape.




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