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Mantua is a commune in Lombardy, Italy and sits on the most southeastern part of Lombardy surrounded by 3 man-made lakes carved out in the twelfth century. It is a small town that has spread a cultural movement questioning modern humanism, rediscovering different ranges of philosophical developments, and improving science, art, and history. Time travel back to the Renaissance era of Mantua where art-lovers and generations of cultural movements are keenly preserved seen through the ecclesiastical architecture dispersed all over the town from palaces to villas, parks and the town’s government municipalities. Visit the Palazzo Te, a palace in the suburbs, a masterpiece of the Italian painter Giulio Romano; the Basilica of Sant’Andrea, a Roman Catholic co-cathedral built in 1462 and designed by architect and philosopher Leon Battista Alberti, the Renaissance Man; or the majestic Teatro Bibiena, a theater built in the 18th century for the Royal Virgilian Academy of Science and Arts.