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A historical and cultural center of the Saarland region of Germany, Saarbrucken has much to offer the discerning visitor.
Old churches such as the 18th century Basilica St. Johann have been perfectly renovated give a taste of the multiude of Baroque architecture throughout the city, many of which were designed by Friedrich Joachim Stengels. The oldest structure in Saarbrucken is the Old Bridge, built in 1546 by Charles V. Visit the Fröschengasse area, once home to the city's workers and artisans, built along the town's walls. Refashioned in a baroque manner in the 1970s, the area now features lovely courtyards and dining options. Central to daily life here is St. Johanner Market Square, a hub of shops, bistros, restaurants and more, where you will find locals and visitors alike strolling, lingering over drinks and catching views of the nearby castle. Explore the Saarland Museum to view 16th and 17th century paintings, with an emphasis on still lives, portraiture and landscapes. Or educate yourself in the regional history of the Saarland at the Museum of Regional History, housing 500 years of archaeological and architectural history. Many other museums are dispersed throughout town, most focusing on the Saarland's history and artifacts. For a break from site-seeing, take a boat to Potato Island to relax on the beach.




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