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Situated in a charming position at the foot of the Apennines, Pistoia is the administrative capital of its province and an important agricultural and industrial centre (Breda), rich of monuments bearing witness of its mediaeval flourishing-period. The Dome Square is on itself an incomparable artistic example of the XIIIth, XIVth and XVth century, with the Cathedral containing a very precious silver altar dedicated to S.Jacopo by various artists of the XIIth and XIVth century, the Campanile, and old longobard guard-tower, the Baptistry by Giovanni Pisano, the Townhall Palace (1294) and Palazzo Pretorio. Very interesting also the other manuments among which particularly worth seeing the churches of S.Giovanni Fuorcivitas (XII century) with pulpit by Frà Guglielmo (1270), a Visitation by Della Robbia and a holy-water font by Giovanni Piano, S.Pier Maggiore, S.Andrea (XII century) containing the famous pulpit by Giovanni Pisano (1301), S Bartolomeo in Pantano, important Romanesque monument with pulpy by Guido da Camo (1240). Very appreciable also the numerous antique, buildings, the museums the restored gothic frescoes of the Pistoia School in the Tau Church, the "Centro Documentazione Giovanni Michelucci" and "Fondazione Marino Marini". A tourist attraction of different character in the zoo "Città di Pistoia", very modern and situated in a lovely position at 4 km from the town, as well as the cultivation of ornamental plants, renowned all over the world.